Cliff Green

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Cliff Green

Cliff Green has been a technical analyst in the futures and FX markets for nearly 40 years. He is regarded as an authority on the subject of ‘Technical Analysis’ and is regularly interviewed by the media and has lectured extensively around the world.

He spent 18 years at Merrill Lynch in London where he became manager of their commodity technical department with the responsibility of advising corporate clients about their trading and hedging decisions.

Subsequently he set up the independent advisory company Trend Analysis Limited which became extremely successful particularly in the Base and Precious Metals markets together with the FX markets.

Since 2002 Cliff has been a fully independent consultant having a broad international client base ranging from producers and consumers within the metals industry to brokers and fund managers.

Cliff Green Consultancy does not hold positions in these markets and is in the unique position of being able to offer clients a fully objective, independent view.